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New domain!

New domain!

Hi, everyone! I’m excited to announce that Loving Margot Robbie has a new domain – You can still access, but the new URL will be the main one!

I’ve updated the gallery with some missing photoshoots from this year. You can also find screen captures from Margot’s appearance in Dollface. Apologies for the delay! More updates will be coming soon.

A Year in Review 2017: Margot Robbie

A Year in Review 2017: Margot Robbie

This year has been a wonderful year for Margot! To celebrate Margot’s 2017, we’ve decided to write a “year in review” post. Featuring some of the important events and more of the year!
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Happy Birthday, Margot!

Today (July 2) Margot is celebrating her birthday! I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to Margot!

New Domain!

Hi everyone, we now have a new main domain, Remember to bookmark our new URL! Thank you for visiting.

EDIT (09/28/16):

We have also changed the site name to avoid confusion (with another site). We’re now Loving Margot Robbie!

New version of MRS

Margot Robbie Source has a brand new layout featuring fantastic outtake of Margot’s new photoshoot for New York Times magazine photographed by Emily Berl. I felt in love with her new shoot! Please, leave a comment to let us know what you think and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.